Presentation of the educational platform PlatMat at the seat of PFRON

4 th April 2016 at 10:00 at the seat of PFRON there was a presentation of the educational platform PlatMat tools. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Board and employees of PFRON. They talked about the platform: Jolanta Brzostek-Pawłowska – project manager, inventor and designer of PlatMat platform, and also Dariusz Mikułowski and Małgorzata Rubin – performers team members.

PlatMat technology met with great interest of the participants. At the same time, it was considered that the product should be immediately directed to the Ministry of Education in order to obtain a recommendation for its use in the mathematical education of students with visual impairments in Polish schools.

We invite you to submit a proposal

We invite to cooperation schools and other organisations that are interested in customization and deploying educational platform PlatMat in mathematical education of students with visual impairments.
We are looking for partners to take part in projects under EU funding programmes in the education of students with special needs and also, we would like to take part as your project’s participants.
Please contact.


About PlatMat on “Our Affairs” portal

In the Education section on the “Our Affairs” website was released on 12.09.2015 an article about educational PlatMat platform tools. The magazine is published on the Polish market since June 1988. His most important mission is to serve as primary source of information for all people with disabilities, their organizations, employers and institutions established to work on their behalf. Link to the article (in polish).