Report in TVP Teleexpress Extra

On 20th January 2015 TVP Telexpress Extra broadcast short news about innovative tools on PlatMat platform. These tools allow for more efficient communication in the field of mathematics between teacher and student with visual impairments. The recording took place in the Special Educational Center for Blind Children in Krakow and is available here (start at 03:25).


TELL US Competition

We reported for TELL US competition our innovative platform PlatMat. PlatMat is a mobile platform to supporting the teaching of mathematics to visually disabled students.TELL US, “Technology Enhanced Learning Leading to Unique Stories” is a 2-year project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission (Grant agreement n°619462). It aims at addressing the inertia of the TEL deployment in European formal education systems by organising a two stage contest process throughout Europe 28 and by demonstrating successful adoption and scaling-up of the awarded products and demand by the formal learning context.